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October 28, 2012

Yes! Echo Magazine's roll call for the Poetry Line!

Lovely article by Liz Massey in Echo Magazine highlighting the art of poetry and its beauty as the spoken word.  In her "Verse by Verse" section, I was thrilled to find myself mentioned in a gallery of incredible, stellar poets -- wow, the likes of Jed Allen, Alberto Rios, Regina Blakely and Cynthia Hogue. What a beautiful surprise! (Don't know who the "James" is referring to - the last name accidentally left off.)  Very insightful commentaries included, notably by Rosemary Dombrowski and Cindy Dach.  The article really gives a sense of the wonderful resurgence of poetry as art and entertainment in the larger Phoenix metropolitan area.

Here's a quote from Rosemary Dombrowski, to whet your appetite for a read at it:
"Open with a few introductory, ice-breaking remarks, followed by a poem or two that's easy to read and comprehend ... end with a poem that concludes with a profound closing stanza or series of lines. All good published writers know it's better to go out on a high note, and live readings should be no different."

               Avanti, gentile spirito!

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