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June 9, 2013

O Bisbee, Sweet Bisbee, Part II

Some shots from my poetry reading at The Oliver House in Bisbee.

That long instrument, a didgeridoo, heralded the beginning of the event. We had a packed house, and I was fortunate enough to present for a genuine poetry-loving audience. It was a uniquely memorable night. The people of Bisbee were enourmously kind and big-hearted. I’ll want to return again very soon. If you’re looking for me in the crowd, I’m way in the back on the left, just in front of the open window. Working hard to get those sweet 50-degree nighttime Bisbee breezes.

After reading from JUDGE SPENCER, I asked the crowd if they wanted to hear new work. Happily, they did, and that is what is cradled under my left arm. This shot is a reminder to me to forever remember not to wear floral prints when giving a reading. My excuse is: but I was told this was a community of ex-hippies! Am I off the hook if I just say: it's a tunic! 

A quick pictorial of my lovely time in Bisbee --

Every trip needs one inexplicable shot.


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