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September 1, 2012

Glad Tidings

I can't help but feel thrilled today.  I just recently received an acceptance from an awesome literary journal on a few poems of mine that will be in my new collection of poetry.  These poems are completely different from anything in my debut collection.  One editor described them as having "edgy, sweet humor." Exactly the tempo I was looking for.  When I read them in front of audiences, they receive outright belly laughs.  And now they've found a great home at a wonderful journal.  Blessings! And this editor is astute, boy.  Right between the eyes.  Not trying to be cryptic, but when the news is brand spanking new like this I like to hold on to it a little longer. Stay tuned!

And to top it off, the editor/publisher of my debut collection has just bought an amazing, enchanting bookshop, with expansion across the road to hold workshops, seminars, readings, and other assorted and sundry literary efforts. And!, with a back area like it's out of a fairy tale, with assorted tangled bushes and trees and rock walls and endless possibilities.... All of us poets associated with Salmon Poetry are absolutely GIDDY with joy and excitement!  Jessie Lendennie, our fearless leader, is, unequivocally, a stellar woman. 

Why not try a little giddiness yourself?  It doesn't hurt at all; in fact, it's a pleasure.

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