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September 11, 2012

Tucson Bound

I've received my very first request to read a poem from my book for someone who will be attending the reading.  This is so exciting for me, especially since the poem is "Autopsy: Upon the Tamis Table," the first poem that opens the book. And, I've never read this poem before in front of an audience!  Here are a couple of lines from "Autopsy...."
...Stomach a dress shirt
folded over then under to lessen 
wrinkles. Cropped runt of a left lung
obliging the muscle of all muscles. Endless
astonishing intestine, like the champagne
ruffled skirting around a buffet table....

Tucson, we'll be there on Friday.  If you're in the vicinity, please come on out to Antigone and share in the poetic festivities. 

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