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February 14, 2013

My Queendom for a Broom Closet

 Here's a photo journey while I meandered through the mesmerizing Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.  I'm actually saving the very best photos for single blog entries. There was so much there that was so gorgeous that I truly felt the need to hide in a broom closet and live surreptitiously in the museum for a solid week.

Leonard Bernstein's baton:

Elvis' cowboy outfit from the film, Charro, and written instructions for the cast to get in their clothes and be at the right location on time. Breakfast on the plane, no fancy stuff. Hey folks, this is show business:

How cymbals are made:

An intricate piano, a guitar-maker's bench, a crazy bird-lute:

Of course, there's the Apollonia organ, still making music, every 2PM, every museum day. The accordians open and close, the bass drum booms, but no one appears to pull out the tenor saxaphones. Nevertheless, it's one hot show:

And the king of all beat:

Simply the best. How I love music.

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