...In-between sets from poet Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

January 28, 2014

Super Dan Comics Question Box Series

Before coming down to land in a full-length verse collection in 2016, my Superhero series of poems will be celebrating its very own exclusive chapbook launch this year, in late summer 2014. It is titled OLD SCHOOL SUPERHERO LOVES A GOOD WRISTWATCH and will shine its light out from the capable and refined environs of Dancing Girl Press. I am thankful to editor Kristy Bowen for her delighted response to this  series. 

Here is a very early pencil sketch, a tiny partial view, of what will become the cover. And yes, this time I'm giving you a complete coax.
Super Shoes in conversion
The final version is going to be nothing short of magnificent. The illustrator for the cover is, well, nothing short of genius. I'm privy to every step of every drawing, and I cannot believe how intense, deliberate and complicated this work is. When it's completed, I will post photos on this blog from the very first sketch all the way through to final cover, and you won't believe the remarkable transformation that happens. I mean, jaw-dropping. Not only am I staggered by the process of illustration, but I believe I've stumbled upon new material for yet a third collection of poetry. You never know where the material's going to turn up, but you know it when you turn it over.