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September 16, 2015

The right amount of letters, just the right sound

I've been appointed Guest Editor for Poetry for Blue Lyra Review's Spring 2016 Issue and I couldn't be more excited about reading all of your wonderful poetry manuscripts, so make sure you check out the submissions guidelines and send me your best and strongest poetry. I can't wait to start reading. You still have time to draft new, wild, fabulous work because submissions do not close until February, 2016. I will be eagerly waiting for your work.

And in this corner, I've got new poetry forthcoming this month from Iodine Poetry Review, edited by the enormously gracious and brilliant Jonathan Kevin Rice, both a gifted poet and painter in his own right. In fact, he created the cover for the latest issue, in which my poetry will be appearing. For me this feels bittersweet, as the journal itself after many years will be taking down its shingle after the very next issue comes out. But I'll be happy to say that I have had poetry appear within its covers, and actually, a twofold happiness, because the poems Jonathan chose to take are a trio of haiku, a form I do not normally write in, and certainly have never published in before. So this is special on that count as well. Here's a look at the gorgeous artwork he created, called "Earth," on the cover of the issue:
Artwork -- "Earth" by Jonathan Kevin Rice
And then in late fall, I have poems appearing in two literary journals I am overwhelmed with enchanted joy and gratitude to be in -- Plume and Fulcrum. [[Update, 2016: It is now going to be a 2016 publication in Plume, most likely spring, possibly summer, and for Fulcrum, the hefty 2016 anthology is expected to be ready for a March/April release, just in time for the LA AWP.]] To say I am fortunate comes nowhere close to the immensity of my feelings -- for all of these journals on this post to have chosen my poetry for their pages, or chosen me to guest edit for others' literary work to be displayed under their banner. I am so thankful.
To editors: Helene Cardona (Fulcrum), Daniel Lawless (Plume), Jonathan Kevin Rice (Iodine Poetry Journal), and Matthew Silverman (Blue Lyra Review). I will never stop giving poetry my best ~ and it's too late to stop now. Instead, cherish is the word.

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