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July 31, 2013

Witnesses Report Superhero Seen Flying Over Main Street!

Just in time for summer’s end – two new “SUPER DAN COMICS QUESTION BOX SERIES” poems in the gorgeous new issue of THE MAIN STREET RAG. Volume 18, Number 3, Summer 2013. This issue is so cool it has an outer and inner front cover, both poignant and engaging, particularly as played off one another. 

Find out how a mere mortal can make a superhero speechless AND stupefied, simultaneously, all on the basis of a gingerly-placed, albeit spectacular, sofa. 

Then find out how a superhero can kick a mere mortal’s ass in the “just do it” department.

Martha Schulzinger’s take: “I really enjoyed SUPER DAN COMICS QUESTION BOX SERIES #24. A lot. I've read it a couple of times and I feel I can identify with Super Dan on that quite a lot. SDC #40 is very inspiring. As I read it, I feel Super Dan is inspiring us to take action, action we may not want to take. It's hard work, but we can do it.” 

In some circles, “SDC #40” is affectionately referred to as The Closer.

Thrilled to be pagewise side-by-side with the gifted poet and critic Bill Christophersen, in addition to a bevy of first-rate poets, including Roy Bentley and John Guzlowski.

Many thanks to publisher/editor M. Scott Douglass for his astute, dedicated and guiding care in constructing this special summer issue as well as the full body of fiction, poetry, interviews and artwork constituting The Main Street Rag Magazine and Publishing Company since 1997. 

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