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February 9, 2014

Saints, Wine, Brides

Martha Schulzinger and I, as is our habit, went out for a two-hour lunch yesterday and didn't return home until 7pm. How that happens, I just don't have a clue. But there is a pictorial to show some of our more illustrious moments. 
Some years back I passed a store in downtown Chandler which stopped me in my tracks. Things I saw in the window defied description. Finally, yesterday, I went there with Martha. I'm sure we spent almost two hours there looking at every single thing. Impossible not to. The place is called The Religion Store. Inside there were perfumes called "I Overpower My Man," "Job Wanted," "Holy Trinity," "Six Drops of Desire" and on and on. Those were just the oils and spritzers. Here are a few photos of the merely indescribable:

Oh, if you're wondering, I was pretty much enamored with these figures. One found its way home with me. The proprietress said she was called a "Warrior Angel." I knew we were meant to be together. Below her is a "pond" reflecting her face and the face of the wolf she's holding. It sits atop my writing desk now.
Wearing Native American dress, barefoot, sporting mature, powerful wings, stroking a wolf, with another wolf patiently waiting beside the pond -- I was entranced. She spoke to me. 

Lunch at Postino. An amazing bruschetta selection. Wine. Three hours of conversation that remain in the vault. Lovely place to go for lunch. The place was packed, yet still so inviting and amenable:

Our traditional after-meal photo:
And on the way home to pick oranges from one of the trees in my backyard for Martha to bring to her home to share with her husband, David, we passed near the railroad tracks. Martha saw them first. She pointed, "Look! Two brides!" Two gorgeous brides had evidently married each other. How often do you see two brides in full wedding gowns on railroad tracks being photographed with a dreamy background? I know. I jumped out of the car, ran uphill to the tracks and asked the brides and the photographer if I could take a photo of everyone. Gorgeous last sunset rays in the background. Beautiful couple. Photographer with a great eye.
Best Wishes, Ladies!
I hop back in the car, and Martha's astonished I just did that:
Martha Schulzinger
Pretty sure it's the warrior angel in me. And yes, I did get a perfume. No, I'll never wear the perfume itself, but the title of it is so darn cool I have to use it in a poem some time. I guarantee you will know it when you see it in a line of poetry. Great day with a wonderful friend.

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