...In-between sets from poet Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

July 30, 2014


Lately it's been one thing or another, even if "the high summer gets me down." Thank you, Mr. Morrison, for the lyric. I'll be happy to see cooler weather, but I won't hold my breath until it arrives. Too much to be done, including, soon, my new chapbook will be out in the world. It is called OLD SCHOOL SUPERHERO LOVES A GOOD WRISTWATCH, forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. This is my first public thank-you to Kristy Bowen, publisher, and all-around literary magician extraordinaire. Here's a quote from her own blog post on July 25th:

"Today I was working on some layouts and it occurred to me how, of the manuscripts we publish, that A) they are so ridiculously awesome, and B) that their authors somehow send them to ME of all the amazing presses where they surely could find a home, many more fancified and high profile than dgp will ever be. But send they do, and I'm enormously pleased and grateful that it somehow happens, that books like these get written and that of all people, I get to bring them into the world.   This week's layouts are some of our more quirky & humorous books for some reason and they are pleasing me to no end, including books by Jeanine Deibel, Irene Mathieu, Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow, Kassy Lee, and AM Ringwalt.  And this is not even counting the new submissions that I am making my way though, of the accepted books that are still coming down the pipeline in the fall and winter. It's amazing to think that 10 years ago, we were just starting and how much has come about since then."

And here's a photo of one of her assistants hard at work ~ looks like we've caught him or her in the middle of some book reviewing:

Stay tuned!

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