...In-between sets from poet Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

December 1, 2014

That adage. How's it go again? Better late than....

Posting a link to a book review for my first collection, The Day Judge Spencer Learned the Power of Metaphor, which came out in April, 2012. Currently working on my second full collection. When I will ever get the hang of self-promotion, I'm not 100% sure I'll ever know, but I do want to offer bountiful thanks to Fjords Review and its editor, John Gosslee, for including the book review on its website and in its print journal, and to Winnie Khaw for her superlative and considered reading of this collection.

Here's the opening paragraph:

From the opening poem the reader proceeds to unpack the morbidly entertaining contents of the “long, leathery, mottled man-luggage” (“Autopsy: Upon the Tamis Table”), a frightfully delicious description of a dead body about to autopsied by experts. Thankfully, Edlow’s actual work is lively and bright, evincing innovative humor and a keen imagination that blithely interrogates the essence of human behavior in reaction to everyday situations. Positive energy flows throughout the work on subjects ranging from a “naked attorney in the ladies’ room” to “ants.” The titles read like a whimsical shopping list for an imp on a holiday rampage, “When Academia Took Me to Lunch Then Fed Me the Bull,” “The Persimmon Can See You,” and many other entertaining headliners.

Click to read the entire review here.

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