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November 11, 2015

Flagstaff, O Flagstaff

Flagstaff early morning sky from hotel window
Now this is what I call cloud cover.

Last week I gave a reading for the legendary Narrow Chimney Reading Series in Flagstaff, AZ, masterly-stewarded by Jesse Sensibar and James Jay, proprietor of the Chimney's venue, Uptown Pubhouse. I read with Chelsey Burden, an MFA at Northern Arizona University and she gave a great reading (which you can hear by scrolling down the NCRS link above). Then I read, and you can hear my entire poetry reading here, including semi-related stories to the poems. What an amazingly warm, embracing and enthusiastic audience! The Flagstaff poetry community is just phenomenal. I was blown away by their genuine kindness and welcoming spirit. They stole my poetic heart and that's that. 

Here are some photos from that night, including an exterior of the Uptown Pubhouse:
Uptown Pubhouse
Flagstaff's wonderful audience

Chelsey Reading

Cynthia Reading

Stopped off at Barefoot Cowboy Bookstore where the also amazing, kind, and lovely Nancy Nelson, owner and proprietress of Barefoot Cowgirl Bookstore, bought a few copies of The Day Judge Spencer Learned the Power of Metaphor on the spot to put directly on the new shelves of the Poetry Section in the new bookstore. Overexcited for the photos, to say the least.
With Nancy Nelson at Barefoot Cowgirl Bookstore

O, Flag, I can not wait to get back to you...

...You and your gigantic Flagstaffian Crows!

See You Next Time!

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