...In-between sets from poet Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

April 19, 2017

If You Buy These Journals You Will Become Stunning

National Poetry Month has been very good to my poetry. Two fabulous literary journals have just released brand-new issues, and I am fortunate to have new poetry in them. My poems in these journals will be included in my next poetry collection, come February, 2018. 

Enormous joy, and gratitude to the editors of South Dakota Review and Santa Clara Review.

South Dakota Review

Santa Clara Review


  1. I haven't had any luck finding your email, so excuse me for posting here. We'd love to have you submit a poem to our magazine One. We've been fortunate to have published work by a Pulitzer Prize winner, MacArthur Genius awardee, several National Book Award finalists and fine young poets from the U.S., U.K.and countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. One of our poems was awarded a Best of the Net, and another an Honorable Mention. Please check us out.


  2. Glad to be in touch. Awaiting your email address.