...In-between sets from poet Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

September 22, 2017

Thank You, David Kirby

Advance praise from David Kirby, 
for my next book of poetry, Horn Section All Day Every Day, forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in February/2018~

Old-school songs play through and beneath these soulful poems, the radio hits of rhythm ‘n’ blues pioneers like Solomon Burke and Junior Wells. Yet what lifts our journey to a whole other level is the presence of a winsome comic hero named Super Dan, an extraterrestrial with a canine curiosity about human life, from the alcoholic beverages we favor to the intricacies of women’s lingerie. Playing Virgil to our Dante, Super Dan takes us deep into that most mysterious of worlds, our own. Beauty awaits you, reader, as do laughter and music. -- David Kirby

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