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May 20, 2018

Quasimodo's Bell part II

...continued book launch pictorial--audience, buffet tables, and "Satin Bondage" in all its phenomenal glory...

...and one real-life caped crusader...
So much, so much....

Leah LeMoine, in scarf, Managing Editor for PHOENIX Magazine, and one heck of a magnificent lady.

Jax. Man of few words.

Mom, I'm sorry about those black plastic tongs. I know, I know. No time to polish  three sets of burnished tongs.

Booksigning Table, oh!, we sold out Horn Section..., with a few copies for the shelves in the Tempe & the Phoenix stores.
Satin Bondage Cake.
"Snarfed" it, they did, I tell you.

Thank you to the entire sublime audience, and to my great friend Patte Lanus for taking all these photographs!

Overwhelmed by the explosive response. It was beautiful.
Signing books

A true and real SuperHero dropped by for a sip of the bubbly before dashing off to try to keep the planet spinning in the right direction, and stop it from hurting itself. The people saw, and they believed.

Thank you to Amy Schwab, and her daughter, and her daughter's friend, for this photo. Very much appreciated. 
Yes, Mom would say, "don't let the grass grow under your feet." Sure, you've heard that one.
So I won't. There's a new and third collection a' brewin' right now. Going to give it my all.
I've decided to call this period my National Poetry Summer: May 1-Sept 30.

Big Love to Everyone who came to the launch and made the celebration for Horn Section All Day Every Day so memorable and extraordinary. I never forget.

Oh, interested? I was waiting on you to ask!


Only a thinking girlfriend would get a fab pic of the best portion of my outfit. And those unpinching shoes.

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