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December 10, 2013

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and "Art Out Loud" Poetry in the Galleries

Didn't we have a time!! 

The SMoCA reading was an immense experience and delight, and filled with a kind of "holiness." I use that word because, to read within the confines of a museum, beside and surrounded by artwork created by visual artists, in addition to the dim mood lighting specifically hued to highlight the exquisite artwork alone, and, in addition to that, the packed, standing hushed crowd of people...all giving their undivided, powerful attention to each poet reading their poems on a personally selected artwork --gracious, it was a truly unforgettable evening. I feel blessed to have been invited to participate in this event.

Here is SMoCA's link to the event, and when you click on the circles within the "speakers" photo, you'll see further photos of the poets who read that night: Logan Phillips, Allyson Boggess, Pinna Joseph, Sally Ball, and me. Mark Haunschild and Myrlin Hepworth also read, but apparently they were camera-shy enough not to supply a head shot.

Very few photos were taken inside the gallery as most of the artwork remains unauthorized for capturing in private use. However, Martha Schulzinger, a wise, clever, wonderful woman did happen to capture a photo of me reading beside artwork created by Julianne Swartz. In this photo, my chosen piece of artwork is, in fact, the lidded box at my feet, just to the right of me. That was the piece I selected, and I'm so happy I did. The piece is called "Open," and when you open the lid, something striking and marvelous is heard. 

My poem is called "In Which Case I Could Stay/Open." 

That's another Swartz artwork behind me, multi-colored wands that almost touch, but don't. Very delicate, very tenuous, hardly storm-proof.

And this is Julianne Swartz. A superb artist.
I'm looking forward to meeting her personally, in January.

And so it goes! Again, I have wonderful poetry publication news from a variety of fronts, Yes!, which I can't disclose just yet, but I will be able to do so after the new year. Stay tuned for all these fabulous announcements! I'll keep writing poetry, as I turn my attention now to the deep blue tones I love so well. I'll be venturing into the "corrals" of a few creatures of great charisma and unpredictability, both the 4-legged and 2-legged sort. As more than a few folks know, I've never been one to play it safe.

It feels as if December is running away with itself -- the pecan leaves are dropping off the trees in great cascades of amber and sticky brown. Soon the limbs themselves will be completely bare, with only the pods of pecan nuts as ornaments. Because this is indeed a holiday season. Be merry. The ride so brief, the view so beautiful. Glad tidings to all of you!

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