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August 23, 2017

My Poetic Court of Appeals

For quite a few months I've had this lovely secret to share. Today's the day. 
Immeasurable gratitude for their advance praise on my forthcoming poetry book, Horn Section All Day Every Day~I hereby deliver with all
appropriate pomp and circumstance, and with a bountiful horse-drawn carriage filled to capacity with the most aromatic, colorful, overflowing floral appreciation and affection to 
Cynthia Hogue, David Kirby, and Lynn Melnick

I remain stunned by your touching, insightful, and marvelous statements over my second collection. Each of you saw what I did not, or chose not~this is indeed a collection of poems about unconventional relationships: the mysteries, the weirdnesses, the irrefutables, and the wonders. I protest it no longer. How could I--with the three of you in whose counsel I rely because that much wisdom I have been known to retain. Lo, the three of you! I do believe that over the next few months up until publication from Salmon Poetry in February/March, I may find myself unable to resist posting, on separate occasions, each of your chiming declarations here on this blog. Yes, yes, to hope to whet appetite, but also, because you are right, all three of you, from your varied backgrounds and generations, calling the same lady up top on her verse. 

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Cynthia Hogue   

David Kirby

Lynn Melnick

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